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Our Services

Icon depicting a man holding a home inspection device.

Home Inspection

We check homes to make sure they're safe and sound. It's like a check-up for your house to find any problems and fix them.

Icon depicting a man holding a sign board with leak lock.

Waterproofing Service

We make your home waterproof so it won't get wet . We keep the water out so your house stays dry and cozy.

Icon of a person holding a paint roller, illustrating interior painting.

Interior Painting

We give your walls a new look with beautiful colors and designs.Make your home pretty and colorful.

Icon depicting a man holding a repair instruments.

Repair & Restoration

We help fix and protect your home from getting hurt. It's like a superhero fixing your house to keep it strong and safe.

Are You Facing Leakage Problems?

Our executives can provide you with end-to-end solution for your water leakage problems. We are highly specialised in the treatment of dampness and water proofing issues and employ a highly skilled and experienced workforce. Your each assignment is supervised on micro level to ensure the delivery of the highest possible service standards.

Woman holding bucket to catch water leakage, addressing the issue of leaks.

Why Should You Choose Urbanroof?

Our team comprises seasoned professionals in the fields of home inspection, waterproofing, structural repair, and interior painting. With years of expertise and a dedication to excellence, we bring a wealth of knowledge to every project. Our experienced professionals ensure that your home receives top-tier service and meticulous attention to detail, providing peace of mind .

We use the finest materials and industry-leading techniques to guarantee that the work we do stands the test of time. We transform your home into a haven of beauty and structural integrity.

Icon representing affordable pricing for services.

Affordable Pricing

Latest Technology- a thermal inspection instrument icon.

Latest Technolgy

Icon symbolizing customer satisfaction and happiness.

Customer Satisfaction

Icon representing experienced professionals in the field.

Experienced Professionals

Meet Our Clients

What our clients say

We recommend Urbanroof to all our residents as the first choice for any leakage issues. Having lived with small time plumbers / self-proclaimed leakage experts for so many years, we found UR to be a major relief as they bring a level of professionalism to the table. Right from studying the problem till the execution, UR introduced processes including thermal scans, correct and quick diagnosis, detailed reports and subsequent discussions with the residents.

Raj Anand Maintenance Head

Choosing Urbanroof for my society waterproofing needs was a wise decision. Their skilled professionals not only delivered a high-quality waterproofing treatment but also provided an inspection report that showcased the effectiveness of their work. It's clear that Urbanroof values excellence and customer satisfaction. I'm thrilled with the results and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to others. I'm truly impressed with Urbanroof's commitment to delivering quality.

Pradip Jasud Maintenance Head

I have had a very great experience from the Urbanroof team. Urbanroof has a very professional and unique approach towards their customers. We have given the repainting work to Urbanroof, and I must say they have delivered whatever we have expected. I am totally satisfied with the planning, execution as well as timely coordination from the team. It's been 3-4 years now and the paint appearance is still the same. Also they have conducted timely audits post execution.

J M Bhate Society Chairman

Discovеr thе storiеs of our valuable Service customеrs and thеir incrеdiblе еxpеriеncеs with UrbanRoof​!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t charge for just a visit. Our fee covers a thorough assessment of your property’s structure. We believe in diagnosing the root cause of issues, just like a doctor would before prescribing treatment.

It’s like when a doctor checks your overall health. We assess your property to identify any problems or potential issues.

We can’t do that. To provide an accurate quote, we need to assess the situation properly. It wouldn’t be fair to offer solutions without understanding the problem.

While we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, our inspections are much more reliable than conventional methods. We believe that 80% accuracy is better than 40%.

We identify all possible causes and then use a step-by-step approach, like a detective solving a case. We prioritize the most likely sources and eliminate the less likely ones.

That’s okay if you haven’t heard of us. We’re a growing brand with a vision to make a difference. You can learn more about us on our website and read our blog posts. We also provide references after an inspection for you to check our performance.

Our charges are based on the time, effort, and expertise needed for a thorough assessment. Compared to industry consultants, we offer our services at a much more affordable rate.

After the inspection, we provide a proposal, answer your questions, and start the job once you approve. The time it takes depends on your property’s size and your decision-making speed.

Our prices start at Rs. 4000 per unit and Rs. 10 per square foot. For an accurate quote, we recommend scheduling an inspection first.

Rest assured, we’ll discuss all technical details and answer your questions during and after the inspection.

Of course! We can share it to you at your request.

Our report covers details like customer information, structure description, areas surveyed, observations, probable causes, and recommendations for repair and strengthening.

For homes, it typically takes 20-30 minutes. For larger buildings, it may take 4-5 hours. We’re dedicated to ensuring a thorough assessment, even if it takes a bit longer.

Yes, some challenges include newly painted areas, locked or inaccessible spaces, wall cladding, and heavy furniture. These factors can make it difficult to locate issues.

Yes, we encourage your active participation. Your input and observations help us better understand the situation and provide the right solutions.

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