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Transform your business ideas into reality in the world of civil engineering

No certifications, No Degrees; We believe in building capabilities, expertise and mindset

Program name: Elite Entrepreneurs Civil Engineers (EECE). This is for you if you are:

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our internship program provides real-world experience in areas like marketing, sales, product development, leadership, operations, and more. You’ll work closely with our founding team and core members, tackling challenges and contributing to key projects

No, we value capabilities and a learning mindset over formal qualifications. Creative, curious, audacious individuals who are eager to apply their knowledge in a practical setting are encouraged to apply.

Interns have the chance to propel their careers, run or expand their own ventures, and execute their entrepreneurial ideas. Successful interns might also have an opportunity to earn a share in the company

The internship lasts 6 months and is located in Pune

:Interns will receive a stipend of Rs.10,000 / month. We charge nominal application fee Rs.350/- for processing. No other fees.

The selection ratio for our program is competitive, with only 5 in every 100 applicants being selected. This ensures we bring in the most passionate and capable individuals who are ready to embrace the challenges of a startup environment.

The interview process is designed to assess both your skills and your fit with our entrepreneurial culture. It typically involves an initial application review, followed by one or more interviews focusing on your experiences, mindset, and problem-solving abilities. We also look for candidates who demonstrate a genuine interest in our mission and values.

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