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Role :

  1. Primary Role: An inside salesperson who only qualifies leads coming in from Telephonic enquiries, website, and other inbound marketing channels.
  2. Secondary Role: An inside support executive who only attends to concerns coming in via Telephonic enquiries, website, and other incoming support channels.


The goal is to promote business growth, expanding the company’s clientele by converting prospects into opportunities.

Responsibility deliverables:

  1. Respond to all Inbound inquiries and leads coming in via different inbound marketing channels.
  2. Attend and address leads in order to qualify them into opportunities.
  3. Pass the opportunities to Quota carrying account executives for closures.
  4. Tele calls, emails to convert prospects into opportunities.
  5. Customer Management (Inbound): Attend to customer concerns, support and pass it to respective CSE to address.
  6. Develop selling skills and business knowledge to grow into a client service executive or grow into sales development vertical.

Tasks & Activities:

Prospect Sourcing Management:

  • INBOUND (Market response): Sourcing accurate contact details for new enquiries received through various marketing channels like website, social media, web-chats, referrals, emails and inbound enquires.
  • Data Management: Maintain the database on the internal templates system provided by organization.

Prospecting to generate inspections/ meetings:

  • Identify prospects from the database, filter down leads with objective to convert into opportunity as per the qualification criteria by interacting with decision makers.
  • Mapping and scoping customer requirement by knowing customer needs, problems and educate the prospect by delivering valued information. Persuade the leads creatively & proactively to buy by demonstrating how our products and services meet their needs. Use scripts to provide information about products features, prices etc and present their benefits.
  • Write emails professionally to share company profile or any information the prospective client seeks about the company.
  • Being communication bridge between the prospective client and sales team to ensure meeting/inspection details accuracy. Pass on the opportunities to CSE team for closures.

Subsidiary activities such as Feedback, Attending to Tickets etc

  • Attend to tickets, customer concerns at regular interval, pass on the feedbacks to account executives and management.
  • Attend to the complaints received from online & offline channels such as websites, social media, referrals etc, deal with complaints and doubts to safeguard company’s reputation and raise tickets using the system for sales team to address it.

Customer Management (Inbound)):

  • Sourcing data for completed projects and take feedbacks from clients at regular interval, pass on the feedbacks to sales support team and management. Taking Feedbacks, scrutiny at below stages.
  1. Opened cases– Feedbacks/scrutiny of all opportunities passed to quota carrying executives (Under discussion/not yet closed cases) at given interval and attend to their concerns if any.
  2. Closed cases: Feedbacks/scrutiny of all closed deals (won/lost) passed to quota carrying executives at given interval and attend to their concerns if any.
  • Post sales service: Feedbacks/scrutiny of all closed won deals & successfully completed projects passed to quota carrying executives at given interval and attend to their concerns if any.
  • Pass the happy clients to outbound SDR team for converting into champions or renewals or add-on Business.

Develop selling skills and business knowledge to grow into a Customer Service Head or next role in vertical.

Measurement metrics:

  • Internship period: Response to Training and Ramping up to performance.
  • # of complete contact details.
  • Response time in new enquiries, existing customers, complaints.
  • Prospect to opportunity conversion.
  • Total amount of new qualified pipeline generated this month (the best indicator of future revenue).
  • Total revenue closed (broken out by “New Business,” “Add-On Business,” or “Renewal Business.”)
  • Win rates: What percentage of new pipeline resulted in won deals

Measurement metrics tracking mechanism: Using data captured over CRM, salesforce automation system

Reporting to: CSE

Reference documents with:

  1. SOP
  2. Training (Details as under)
  3. Sales script for landed enquiries for fetching basic details and requirement to convert prospect into opportunity.
  4. Sales script for initiating outbound calls & generate requirement to convert prospect into opportunity.
  5. Product catalogue with features, benefits and pricing + supporting material if any such as company profile, portfolio etc
  6. Email scripts about offering products and scheduling inspections.
  7. Feedback: Script + Feedback form/system.
  8. Ticket attending script and entry form to raise it.
  9. FAQ by clients


  • Graduate (Any Stream)- Required
  • Post Graduate (Any Stream)- Preferred but not required
  • Previous Experience- Not Required

Skills Required:

  • Strong Aptitude solving skills
  • Solid Spoken and Written communication- English, Hindi/ Marathi abilities
  • Strong Interpersonal Skills
  • Process oriented and attention to detail.
  • Strong judgment and decision-making skills
  • Strong leadership skills, be self-directed and be able to multitask
  • Executives to be proficient with computers and software spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Power Point, and others
  • Self-owned conveyance is must.

Desired & Advantages:

  • Post graduates with MBA in sales & marketing
  • Marathi Language
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