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Is waterproofing really important? 5 things that could go wrong if you ignore it.

Is waterproofing really important? 5 things that could go wrong if you ignore it.

April 29, 2022 

If you find yourself asking the question that whether waterproofing is the solution to a lot of your property’s woes, then do not worry, you are not alone. A majority of people in our country still do not recognize how essential waterproofing is for their properties. This lack of awareness among people is one of the primary reasons why every year lakhs of infrastructures get damaged because of poor waterproofing.

Low-quality waterproofing or its complete absence does more harm to your infrastructure than you can think of. In the short term, it might not seem to be a huge deal to get the damages temporarily corrected now and then, but in the long term, the consequences can be destructive.

A common misconception is that only older buildings face water seepage issues. Our work has proven that no matter the age, any building that has poor waterproofing is vulnerable to such issues. Keep reading to find out the multitude of issues that are likely to engulf your property if you stay ignorant of the significance of waterproofing.

Causes destruction to the foundation of your building

A poorly designed or installed waterproofing system can ultimately lead to the destruction of the infrastructure. Concrete is a porous material and when it rains heavily, it lets the water seep in and come in contact with the steel bars. As a result, these steel bars get corroded. You may not realize this, but the weakened steel bars are a huge threat to the foundation of your building and can eventually cause its catastrophic collapse. Remember, the collapse of your building is not just property damage but can be deadly too.

Increases the threat of short circuit

It does not take much time for the water penetrating through the walls to get in contact with electric wires, leading to a short circuit. There have been numerous instances of short-circuits and breaking out of fire due to leakage of water. This is a life-threatening situation that can arise just because of your carelessness and neglect of a proper waterproofing system.

Damages the aesthetic of your building

The penetration of water has adverse effects on not one but multiple components of your property. Every year we come across several owners who complain about structural damages that are detrimental to the aesthetic of their buildings like swelling of plasterboard, blistering paint, and peeling of ceramic tiles. Who spends lakhs if not crores of money on the overall construction of their buildings just to see these damages after a few months?

Mould growth

Last but not least, another serious problem is the growth of mould. Mould is a kind of fungus that grows in damp conditions. Thus water seepage provides the perfect environment to promote its growth.

Mould spores are detrimental to human health as they have the potential to cause allergic and fungal infections and respiratory diseases like asthma.

What you should do?

The problem with water seepage is that if you keep ignoring it thinking that it is something trivial and do not call for an expert’s inspection, then you will soon find yourself in a very difficult situation as it will become almost impossible to remedy it.

That is why we at Urbanroof always believe in the importance of preventing a hazard beforehand than actually waiting for it to set in to take any action. With the help of the skillset of our workforce, we design and deliver the best waterproofing system which is not only highly efficient but also environmental-friendly and affordable.

How can you be sure that our services are up to the mark? Our journey with you continues even after we have delivered our services successfully. We monitor your property for any waterproofing failures by visiting and inspecting it from time to time to ensure that there is zero risk of any kind of hazard.

So stop brushing aside waterproofing as something unimportant and act immediately to protect your property as well as your loved ones. We are with you in this fight against water seepage.

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