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                                                                                                                                                        SITE ENGINEER INTERN

Program Highlights : 
3 Months Full Time Program Hands on experience on damage assessment on an operational client sites.
Conducted by technically qualified Urbanroof trainers. Attractive Stipend and Incentives Project case studies.

Course Objective:
• To understand the critical characteristics of a given structure
• To understand the types and causes of common deficiencies (even failures) of structures.
• To explain methods of observation, instrumentation and testing.
• To workout preventive measures to counteract deterioration of structures.
• To comprehend workable temporary and permanent repairs for any particular structure
• To provide a comprehensive practical guide on the practice and business of assessment of site conditions
and evaluation and repair strategies and techniques of concrete structures, or others structures.

What You Will Learn:
• Site Engineering
• Project Planning, Scheduling and Management
• Quantity Survey, Estimation & Rate Analysis
• Practical aspects of building
• Types of damage that can affect different elements in structures and their effects in the assessment and
rehabilitation of the structures.
• Visual and exploratory investigation of damaged structures and determine ways on how to locate and
monitor delaminated issues.
• Principles of rehabilitation including methods to prevent defects in structures, rehabilitation methods,
determine the required properties of repair materials and systems.
• Risk-based maintenance strategy, required repair time, required time to start of deterioration and cost
analysis for different protection methods

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