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Urban Roof offers trusted services for Home Inspections, Interior Painting, Waterproofing, Repair and Restoration Services. 

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Property Issues Solved By Urban Roof

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Interior Painting Services

Ever felt like your walls needed a makeover? We've got just the solution. Our painting and decorating services are like a magic wand for your living spaces. We'll turn those boring walls into a canvas of joy. From serene pastels to vibrant hues, your home, your rules!

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Full Home Interior Solutions

Your one-stop solution for impeccable interiors, blending thorough home inspection, civil works, and furnishing to create the perfect living space. With our expertise in waterproofing and home inspections, we ensure your interiors are not only beautiful but also durable and maintenance-free.

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Happy Customer Testimonials

Ansh Jain
Ansh Jain
9 April 2024
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vishnu salunke
vishnu salunke
16 March 2024
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We had inquired about our requirement for rooftop leakage checking work and allied work for new plant search in Sept. 2023, With Mr. Rohitkumar Dhumal (UrbanRoof), I was delighted to see the way he guided our comapny in our best interests and true professional manner and honesty which is very rare in today age. best luck UrbanRoof Team.
swapnil chopade
swapnil chopade
6 February 2024
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Professional work done by Urben Roof Team. Recently renovated the the bathroom, bedroom wall and open terrace with waterproofing and tiling work. Resolved all the leakage issues. Mr. Yash and Mr Akash SE. Is having through knowledge of water proofing requirements and construction quality.
Aparna Pandit
Aparna Pandit
5 February 2024
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Urban roof are excellent when it comes to waterproofing of bathrooms and other places. Very professional in their approach.We had some problem in the bathroom tiles and Pratiksha from Urbanroof paid a visit along with the tile contractor to provide solutions.Thanks to their teamwork.
justin antony
justin antony
31 January 2024
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I have requested for 2 bathroom waterproofing along with small area in living and dining room. They have used liquid polimer in stage 1 and then epoxy grouting as a stage 2. Stage 3 they have done finishing work. They understood the problem, visited the location, given a proper quote, executed as per the quotation. Overall I am happy with the service provided by Dhyan, Sohel & Sameer. Would wait for few weeks to see the impact of water proofing.
ajit nanda
ajit nanda
8 January 2024
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Very well services and cordial behaviour of Rohit Upadhaya.. thanks

Ready to make your home Waterproof and Monsoon-ready?

Searching for waterproofing companies near me or waterproofing near me? Look no further!  Ensure the longevity and resilience of your home with Urbanroof’s expert waterproofing solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We don’t charge for just a visit. Our fee covers a thorough assessment of your property’s structure. We believe in diagnosing the root cause of issues, just like a doctor would before prescribing treatment.

It’s like when a doctor checks your overall health. We assess your property to identify any problems or potential issues.

We can’t do that. To provide an accurate quote, we need to assess the situation properly. It wouldn’t be fair to offer solutions without understanding the problem.

While we can’t guarantee 100% accuracy, our inspections are much more reliable than conventional methods. We believe that 80% accuracy is better than 40%.

Rest assured, we’ll discuss all technical details and answer your questions during and after the inspection.

Of course! We can share it to you at your request.

Our report covers details like customer information, structure description, areas surveyed, observations, probable causes, and recommendations for repair and strengthening.

We identify all possible causes and then use a step-by-step approach, like a detective solving a case. We prioritize the most likely sources and eliminate the less likely ones.

That’s okay if you haven’t heard of us. We’re a growing brand with a vision to make a difference. You can learn more about us on our website and read our blog posts. We also provide references after an inspection for you to check our performance.

Our charges are based on the time, effort, and expertise needed for a thorough assessment. Compared to industry consultants, we offer our services at a much more affordable rate.

After the inspection, we provide a proposal, answer your questions, and start the job once you approve. The time it takes depends on your property’s size and your decision-making speed.

For homes, it typically takes 20-30 minutes. For larger buildings, it may take 4-5 hours. We’re dedicated to ensuring a thorough assessment, even if it takes a bit longer.

Yes, some challenges include newly painted areas, locked or inaccessible spaces, wall cladding, and heavy furniture. These factors can make it difficult to locate issues.

Yes, we encourage your active participation. Your input and observations help us better understand the situation and provide the right solutions.

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