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What makes UrbanRoof’s experience 10X better than other Industry?

What makes UrbanRoof’s experience 10X better than other Industry?

March 13, 2023 

We think of big bridges, buildings, tunnels, etc, but everything needs regular & proper repair & maintenance. Repair & Maintenance in western countries is very professional & organized, but the service sector in India, especially the civil industry, is not at all organized. The problem is that people feel like vagabonds when finding solutions. UrbanRoof makes two birds of a feather.

  • Offering a one-stop service solution.
  • Creating employment opportunities in obscure industries.

Retrofitting, Waterproofing, and Structural Repair and Maintenance are among the services UrbanRoof specializes in, which are not generally seen as mainstream. As no other full-stream or organized service provider exists, UrbanRoof is creating the industry from scratch.

UrbanRoof is creating employment opportunities due to the fact that India’s service industry is not well-sorted. As a start-up and service company, it promotes the growth of the industry through job fairs and campus drives, and it also gives the opportunity to build an industry from scratch, so it can be a sky-scraping one.

The engineers who graduated in civil engineering, directly apply for the job. As this industry is obscure and UrbanRoof is constructing it, it’s easy for them to grow and master the skills. Whereas if a candidate starts building up his career in an established industry, it will take comparatively more time and the learning would also be slow. UrbanRoof has come forward and initiated to build the entire industry, from scratch so that the crucial job roles which are not given much importance can get recognized. This era is not of basic – Roti(Food), Kapda (Clother) Aur Makan (Shelter). These are the factors that are available for even a pauper. Being an employee what’s a person looks for now?

1) Peace of mind

2) Recognition

3) Growth on a continuous basis

4) Educating yourself

5) An eagerness to learn

Working at UrbanRoof means having the opportunity to pursue knowledge across many different segments. Being in a company that’s specialized in waterproofing gives you incredible expertise in the industry, which means you’ll have more to offer when it comes time to find a new job. You’ll never be stuck with one responsibility and that can open up opportunities for things like brickwork, footings, and other construction elements. You’ll also get the chance to explore other segments your firm doesn’t specialize in but would still like to integrate into its projects. For example, if you’re an engineer specializing in building foundations, then becoming an expert on waterproofing will open up access to opportunities in brickwork and other projects like that.

UrbanRoof’s growth rate is another factor that is adding value to the industry. If a person performs well, he will be promoted. The work processes & methodologies of UrbanRoof were developed recently as per the market’s needs & demands, keeping in mind career growth opportunities & what makes a candidate more go-getter.

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